Wet summer, slugs snails and blight

•12 July 2016 • Leave a Comment

A shameful lack of posts this year, but in summary it’s been wet.  Onions have done ok but cabbages and carrots destroyed by slugs, and blight hit spuds before the end of June.  Never before seen blight on first earlies

Spuds all planted

•2 April 2016 • Leave a Comment

Planted the maincrop spuds today.Left with a space in one row – need to decide whether to fill this with shop bought or saved seed.  Several greenhouse sowings this week, parsnips, toms, cauli, tuscan kale etc.  Toms seem slow to germinate.

First Earlies and Onions

•25 March 2016 • Leave a Comment

Planted first earlies (rocket) yesterday, and all the onions last week.  Maincrop will have to wait a bit longer because broccolli etc is in the way, but I am inclined to scrap the crop anyway as it looks poor.  Must plan NOT to have overwintering veg were the first crops get planted!

2016 kicks off

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This years seed potato purchases are Rocket, Cara, Orla and Manitou (a new variety).  Have also bought the usual onion sets and refreshed the seed stores ready for the coming year.

Most of the plot is dug over, just a bit more left to go where the remaining parsnips, leeks and greens are still in the ground.  The leeks have been plentiful but a bit small this year.  Next time will try planting earlier and making sure they are well fed.

Black tuscan kale was a bit of a disaster, wont be doing that again, but PSB looks ok (a small amount harvested so far)

Carrots and blight

•20 October 2015 • Leave a Comment

Lifting carrots this week, about half done, they’re looking good.

Having to sort through and chuck out loads of PFA and desiree potatoes. Moral of the story: See blight on leaves CUT OFF LEAVES! don’t wait!!!

Spud totals 2015

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Rocket – 24.2kg
Desiree – 42.2kg
Cara – 106.6kg
Pink Fir Apple – 47.3kg
Rooster – 17.5kg

TOTAL – 238.3kg

Considering this was only about 1/3 of the plot, and the first earlies were poor, the is is the best total ever – thanks to Cara!!!

spud harvest

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2 weeks after cutting the blighted spud tops off, its harvest time. Some whopping cara spuds! All in all and excellent maincrop yield

Desiree  24.2kg

Cara 106.6kg !!!!

Pink fir apple 40.8kg

Rooster/various odds and ends 17.5kg