In an effort to spur myself on and get my garden to a point where it looks presentable again, I’ve decided to start a blog on it!  This will probably be interesting to a total of 4 people, all of whom use the garden regularly.  But they won’t be that interested!


3 Responses to “About”

  1. You obviously know what’s what around the garden so how about a Q&A section, readers questions or a general advice section please.

    I’ve just spent ages pulling up huge dandelion things out of the lawn (some of which had roots big enough to eat like parsnips!). So, my question is this – how can I stop these things from ever appearing again without concreting the lawn?

  2. ha ha yes, Q&A, that’s a good one. In this case I think there is no A to the Q. You can’t stop those buggers. Each year it seems to be a different type of weed that has a go, this year for me its these deep rooted things with little blue flowers and slightly prickly stems. They defy physics by growing at velocities faster than light!

  3. Thanks for the depressing answer! 😉

    Maybe I’ll just harvest them later on next year and have them for supper…I assume they are not poisonous? Careful with this last bit…the answer could be a matter of life or death remember…

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