2017 kicks off!

This report will be very similar to the one exactly 1 year ago.  It’s still quite cold, so not much action just yet. Spuds bought (rocket,cara,saxon,desiree) might pick up another pack.  Onions too (sturon, turbo, red baron).  Still a lot of digging to do, but space has been made for onions.  Have dug a lot of compost in elsewhere.

Still a few parsnips in the ground but they have started to sprout so need using soon.  Still picking the last few spouts, again they have proved reliable in an otherwise poor year.  Tuscan kale – I REALLY won’t bother this year.  Broccoli will be sprouting before long. still a few leeks but the last of the swede has gone (not a bad year considering the other brassica failures). Lots of onions still in store, and a few more spuds.

Currently moving things around so the greenhouse isn’t available but hope to start some early sowings soon.


~ by weedsandseeds on 4 March 2017.

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