Onions out, spuds so far…

Havent been very good at recording first earlies but I think a total of abound 20kg.  Not too bad considering the blight.

Orla were dug up yesterday – 22.4kg total.  Not tasted yet, but not that impressed (blight didn’t help).  A few odd, large irregular spuds, mostly medium size and fairly uniform, quite a lot of small ones that went straight on the heap.

Onions are much better.  Harvested the reds a couple of weeks ago, the bulk of the whites yesterday.  A little bit of rot on a few but mostly good sized onions this year.

The second sowing of carrots after the first got destroyed by slugs is coming along nicely. Broadcast sown, havent thinned yet.

Beetroot finally looking good, harvested a few already.

Peas got attacked by pigeons but were good – wish i’d sown more.

Leeks all in early this year, but dont look to have taken much advantage from this

Brassicas.  Disaster. Everything in the mid season sowning looks to be hit by root maggot – i’ve pulled up most of the crop already. Caulis were pathetic.  Might get 1 or 2 cabbages.  PSB badly hit by maggots (1st sowing destroyed by slugs).  Curly kale and sprouts look ok so far.

Will scale back brassicas next year – just not worth the effort.


~ by weedsandseeds on 6 August 2016.

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