Busy Week

I had the week off, and it’s been busy. Weather has been fantastic, so inbetween days out much garden work was achieved, although there doesnt seem to be much to show for it.  Finally addressed the leaky shed roof problem.  Decided to replace the felt with cheap felt to keep the weight down on the thin roof timbers.  The roof needed some repair as water had turned the OSB sheet to mush in one corner.  The shed also got a total strip-down and sort out, (some) junk removed, new shelves – you can actually get inside!  Also put up some guttering and connected to an old dustbin to get some water for veg patch use in the summer.

 The site for the new shed was levelled now the trees have gone.  Still cant decided on shed size or whether to DIY or buy ready made.

The radishs have appeared, as have the first row of early nantes carrots.  In this week went a row of mangetout peas.  Canes went up ready for the beans later on.

 Mower got an oil change and a new (well, recycled) plug which seems to have curred the backfire (fingers crossed)  The new lawn sections are growing well but the older areas are looking very poor, will apply some nitrogen.

~ by weedsandseeds on 14 April 2007.

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