2018 – Digging started!

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2017 was overall a bit of a let down. No total disasters, but a poor summer led to small crops. Now harvesting parsnips, leeks and sprouts, all smaller than normal. Celeriac did Ok, a bit small but actually better than usual. Brassicas were hit really badly with whitefly, which has encouraged mould, despite being under net. May have to take further measures next year.

So digging has started, and I aim to clear the remaining veg early, the crop is poor so no point trying to get much more out of the overwintering veg. Hopefully things will be better this year.

Hav purchased red onions and also a pack of Centurian for a change. Will also get some Turbo or whatever wilko are selling.


Spud totals – 2017

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I didn’t weigh the 1st earlies (rocket) but they were very poor.  A result of a late frost and then very dry spring I think. Probably no more than 12kg

Second earlies (saxon) were much better, again didn’t weigh, but I guess 15-20kg

Mains got a bit mixed up (Picasso and Cara, look the same!)  The crop was good, lots of big spuds, except for one row in the middle of the plot which was strangely very poor.

Desiree -30.5kg

Cara/Picasso – 69.2kg

So that’s about 30kg per 2kg bag of maincrop seed.

Wet summer – Lots of cucumbers!

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It’s been s wet summer.  The bad: outdoor tomatoes almost all failed (again) but this is partly down to me not taking quick enough action to strip leaves as soon as blight appeared.  Shame, as the plants were looking great with tons of fruit. Indoor toms are not great, but the garden got re-shaped so I was a bit late setting them off and also tried to grown bush varieties as bushes in the greenhouse.  This didn’t work.    Spuds got blight at the start of august too.

The good: generally everything grew very well (including the weeds). Courgettes and cucumbers were exceptional (excessive!)  Sowed Marketmore cucs this year and they were very prolific.

A few pest issues, but managed to avoid the worst brassica destruction with close fine netting.  Carrots and peas got nibbled by a rabbit a bit, and late sown peas then got bad mildew.

spag squashes are enormous.  Lots of good sweetcorn coming on, runner beans were good and late sown french beans will work well I think as the runners tail off.

Onions suffered a bit from rot, but generally good

Greenhouse moved!

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Redesigned the garden which meant moving the greenhouse.  It was only put back in place this week, so sowings are a bit late.  Sowed various tomatoes, chillies, lettuces, greyhound cabbage, celeriac, aubergines to start with.  Spuds all went in the weekend before last as planned.  There is space for 1 more row – might buy a few more 1st earlies… or perhaps a row of peas between the spuds and onions?

1st earlies planted

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Decided to put the 1st earlies in a little earlier this year.  Will do the rest next weekend perhaps, if the weather stays good

Onion planting starts

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Good weather so started planting onion sets today.

2017 kicks off!

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This report will be very similar to the one exactly 1 year ago.  It’s still quite cold, so not much action just yet. Spuds bought (rocket,cara,saxon,desiree) might pick up another pack.  Onions too (sturon, turbo, red baron).  Still a lot of digging to do, but space has been made for onions.  Have dug a lot of compost in elsewhere.

Still a few parsnips in the ground but they have started to sprout so need using soon.  Still picking the last few spouts, again they have proved reliable in an otherwise poor year.  Tuscan kale – I REALLY won’t bother this year.  Broccoli will be sprouting before long. still a few leeks but the last of the swede has gone (not a bad year considering the other brassica failures). Lots of onions still in store, and a few more spuds.

Currently moving things around so the greenhouse isn’t available but hope to start some early sowings soon.